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About Frank IT

I started in Computer Telephony as a tech supporting automated attendant installations with PBX systems (Telephone systems) in the 90's for a company called Amanda.  Windows 95 was out, and the whole world was starting to change due to computers.

While working for that company I studied for Microsoft's MCSE on Windows NT 4 platform and soon became certified in a number of Microsoft specialties.  I would buy individual computer components and assemble my own computers.  It was a lot different back then.  The Internet was accessed by a dial up modem over a phone line at 28.8 baud back then.  I spent all of my free time building computers, studying, and taking tests. 

I went on to work as a 3rd party consultant for Bristol-Myers Squibb and GE Card Services Corporate Headquarters.  I helped manage and maintain networks with over 2,500 users in Stamford, CT.  I implemented disaster recovery techniques at GE that reduced down time for systems - this was at the time the Melissa virus came out in 2000.

Things were changing in the corporate world, as far as contractors like myself were concerned.  A prominent company lost a lawsuit to contractors who were really employees for 15 years with no benefits.  As a contractor I was paid last and the people who I was hired through made all of the money.

In 2001 I had enough and was going to take a year off and figure out what I wanted to do.  People who knew me started suggesting I help their friends and my idea of starting a business on my own was born. 

The experience I had running networks with over 2,500 people coupled with my telecom experience gave me a huge advantage over other IT companies.  I focus on companies with 15 employees or less.  Most IT companies do not want to be bothered with these businesses.  That is the market I focus on.  They are too small for a dedicated IT person, but have too much for someone who is not an IT person and just happens to be fairly good with computers.  I look for businesses who want help on a routine basis and realize the advantage to having a company like mine at their disposal for a small monthly fee.

I have been in business for my self ever since.


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