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Managed Services

How much time do you or your employees spend trying to fix computer or technical problems?  Are you interested in saving money and increasing productivity?

Add the hours per week you or your employees spend trying to fix things, then figure out the cost.  I bet it comes out to more money than it will cost you to hire Frank IT as your IT service provider.  People look at IT companies as a waste of money, instead of a means to save you money, and actually help you generate more.

Frank IT allows you to focus on what you do best - generate revenue.  You want your employees to be productive and help generate revenue.  When you or your employees spend time trying to fix computer problems you are not able to focus on your main priorities. 

Frank IT will do everything for you.  Phone support, system maintenance, security, backups, and repair are just a few.  Everything we do for you is outlined in the topics on the left, most people don't want to know about nay of those things and have no clue how important they are until they have a serious problem..  Whatever you need, Frank IT will take care of it.

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