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Have you ever had weird problems on your network and none of the equipment appears to be bad?

I once had a customer with a computer that constantly dropped the network connection.  The network card was fine, and the other computers never lost their connections.  When I looked at the cabling it was a flat wire CAT 3 patch cord.  That was not suitable for the network he had.  Once that was replaced the problem went away.  He had been dealing with that for over a year with the other IT company!  They kept telling him nothing was wrong.

Your network cabling is the most important part of your network.  Poorly terminated cabling will result in problems, as well as improperly deployed cabling.  For example you cannot run a network cable in the ceiling over a florescent light.  Many people do not know this.  The electronic interference from the light will corrupt data transmitted through that cable.  This can be a particularly nasty problem to troubleshoot, and it would lead to intermittent problems, especially if the light is not always on.  It pays to make sure the cabling is done right the first time.

Frank IT uses CompuConn to do this important work for you.  It pays to get things done right the first time.

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