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Basic Web Design Services

A business without a web site lacks credibility. 
How do you take a business that uses an AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail account for e-mail seriously?

The fact is most people won't bother with a company that does not have a web site.

A web site is one of the best advertising tools you may invest in.  Your web site has the potential to market your company, products, services, and ideas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You can not buy any advertising with the potential to advertise your business as fully and affordably as a web site will.

How many web sites have you gone to that you can not figure out how to get to the information you want?  How many do you go to and you cannot find a phone number to call them about their product or service?  The designers have hidden links, things keep popping up all over the place which confuse you, and you leave frustrated.  Frank IT designs all of our sites with Microsoft Front Page.  Frank IT designed sites are easy to navigate and find what people want to know about your company. Frank IT sites look the same through AOL, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla which is very important.  They are basic, simple and easy to use.

The next factor in web design is the search engine.  The search engine is like the yellow pages.  If you want to find a particular company in the yellow pages, you go the the section for that companies service, i.e. plumbing, computers, windows, and etc...  It does you no good to put up a web site if you don't have it indexed with search engines - people need to be able to find you.  Frank IT will help you with this also.

Frank IT web sites are designed to be basic informational web sites.  If you have needs for customer integration, shopping carts, analysis, form entry, high end graphics, or anything other than a basic web site setup Frank IT uses IAC.

Visit IAC for more information on the wide variety of web sites they provide: IAC

Key Benefits

  •  Credibility
  •  24 hour advertising 365 days a year.
  •  A company presence on the World Wide Web.
  •  People can find you.
  •  A site you own, and may manipulate.
  •  Changes made by Frank IT at your request. 


Pricing starts out at $1,500.00 for a basic web site, and goes up with the amount of work involved to go over the basic setup.  Some people do not need anything other then the basic setup, and a few hours of training to decide they are all set.  Some people would like to have custom graphics, designs, layouts, video clips, databases, and etc... not included with the basic setup, so those items are addressed, and a price quoted accordingly.

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