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Phys-Ed Health and Performance is a full service health club that uses various forms of technology to bring an exceptional exercise experience to our membership base. In doing so, we use a small networked system of seven work stations to keep our business functioning. Our Club Management Software runs on all of these work stations and with a system shut-down we would be treading water. Before we started the service of Frank IT, we had several operational problems. Minor though they were, they did cause occasional system failures and things not working as smoothly as they should have. Frank was able to address all our issues relatively quickly, with no noticeable downtime. He keeps are stationary work stations and our laptops functioning at peak capacity. He was able to set-up our in-house guest networks. He also integrated with our security system company to get our remote access working. I can highly recommend Frank IT and all the services he offers.
Eric Corson
General Manager



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