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Disaster Recovery

Have you had a hard drive crash, deleted important data, or just plain lost something you needed?

Very few people think about this, and even fewer actually take some sort of action to plan for it when it happens.

Hard drives die - that is a fact of life.  People delete files by accident.  People can drag files they have into places on the computer they didn't even know existed.  Backing up your important data is very important.  It is also very inexpensive compared to what it used to be a few years ago.

I had one client with a new employee who accidently deleted the entire contents of a folder with important bankruptcy information.  I was able to retrieve the data from the backup the night before.  Without a backup they would have lost hundreds of hours worth of work, and would have had to pay for the time to re-enter all of those records from the hard copies they keep.

Disaster recovery is designed as a proactive strategy to prepare for any kind of contingency in which your data becomes unavailable because of your system crashing, hard drive failure, Virus attack, or destruction of your data.

Frank IT sets up your system with two partitions.  One partition keeps the Operating System files, and applications on it.  The second partition keeps all of you important data, files, emails, addresses, pictures, and any other data you want to protect.  You back this data up as often or as seldom as you like.  If you have vital information that is changed daily, you will want to backup daily.  This minimizes your loses to whatever changes were made since the last backup.

Frank IT will look at what you have and implement a plan that is right for you.

Key Benefits

  •  Ensures you do not lose valuable data.
  •  Minimizes down time under hard drive failure.
  •  Proven, reliable, and fundamental to your system.

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