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Have you ever had a virus?  Have you had people tell you they can access your wireless network?

One thing I hear repeatedly from customers is "Why would anyone want to give me a virus or get into my
.  People used to make viruses to cause damage.  Now they make them because there are huge amounts of money to be made from people who do not take basic steps to protect themselves.

Security covers a rather large area.  Years ago most of the problems came from within a network, the individual using the system does something unknowingly that causes a problem.  That is still a very prominent way for problems to start today.  People are too busy to read that popup in front of them and just click on it.  A program wants to install on my computer - I don't know what it is, but OK, and then you have malware on your system and pop ups. 

The amount of money criminals are making by scamming people through fake security software, malicious Trojans used to gather passwords, and phishing scams, just to name a few, is mind boggling.  8 years ago the amount was considered to be about 45 million a month.  Now it is more than ten times that!

People need to understand that this is a problem that is not going to go away.  Having the right protection is key.  It is still very hard to keep sophisticated hackers and criminals from getting what they want, but there is no reason to make it easy for them.  Many people don't even know what anti-virus is.  Many people have never heard or spy-ware, or malware.  In this day and age anyone who does not protect against all of those threats is at risk.

Securing your network through a router is also important.  Many people grab routers out of the box and set them up with no security whatever.  You see this in office buildings, apartments, and houses - they are the networks you see on your phone when you are looking for a wireless connection and they show up as Unsecured. 

Frank IT will go over everything with you and secure your system or network.  Frank IT will show you how to avoid scams and protect yourself on a routine basis.  You have to be vigilant about these things, but it is not hard and does not take very much time.

Passwords have become a huge problem.  I read one article that spun a twist on the Lord of the Rings - "One password to rule them all!"  I have seen people logging into the bank accounts when they know they have a problem with their system.  Many of these people use the same password for all of their financial sites.  If a hacker gets that they have access to everything.  I go over ways to prevent problems here also.


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