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Training for yourself or your employees is key to almost every business function we will perform no matter what we are using.  This is no different when it comes to applications, systems, or duties performed on computers, such as backups, inventory, email, faxing, and etc...

Frank IT will setup an entire manual, or manuals for you.  If you click on the help section located on the navigation bar to the left you will see some examples of documentation.  These may be as simple or as complex as you like.  Frank IT caters to your needs, and develops these guides to help you to help yourself. 

Many people forget tasks that are used on a monthly basis.  A guide for these people improves their productivity.  There is no time spent on trying to figure out what they did the month before.

New employees on the job are another example of a manuals usefulness.  This will save the amount of time another employee would have to spend on training the new employee. 

The number of possibilities training opens up for you or you company is endless.  If there are functions you perform that take a long time, Frank IT will help you to improve on them.

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